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Sunday, 30 December 2007

When yours is stolen...

The first thing to do, as I gather from various forums and sources, is to report the incident to the police. This way, the incident becomes official and all relevant information related to the lost items are noted. This same document will be very helpful in determining ownership should the opportunity for recovery comes up.

Make copies of the official document and give them out to all Apple Authorized Service Centers. It helps to scour areas where laptop pawnshops proliferate and request them to either receive a copy of your document (at least) or post it in a public and visible area of their shop.

It also pays to post messages in trade sites known to buy and sell technology stuff like, and special-interest forums and groups (like YahooGroups or GoogleGroups).

Lastly, use the power of email. It's still a wonder that laptop theft is under-reported in Manila (and elsewhere) in spite of the fact that laptops aren't just expensive, they make our lives somewhat easier, hold valuable information and make, or break, our means of livelihood.

Here's the LIST of stolen items (updated).

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