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Monday, 16 July 2007


Is yours on the list?


Aug. 23, 2008

» W87452P6X91 | MacBookPro 2.2 | Near Reyes Gym, Mand. City
(Along Libertad street; forced vehicle entry)

Feb. 29, 2008

» W87524CGZ62 | MacBook | Davao City, Davao
(include: Eee PC, cell phone)

Feb. 27, 2008
» 4H701JX3WGL | MacBook White | Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Dec. 25, 2007
» W8732099X92 | MacBook Pro 15" | Tagaytay City

3rd week Dec. 2007
» 9C7410QQW4T | iPod Touch A1213 | Las Piñas City

Sept. 25, 2007
» 4H5162RNR17 | PB 12" | Office warehouse, La Trinidad, Benguet
(include: printer, desktop and laptop PC, cash)

July 23, 2007
» 4H5170Z6RJ7 | PB G4 12" | Parking, Valle Verde Clubhouse, Pasig

July 16, 2007
» 4H6272QVVMM |MB Blk |Bldg. in Kamias, QC
» W8631106WBJ |MBP |Open parking, Marcos Hi-way, Cainta
» 4H632345VMM |MB Black |--

» W871712XWOL |MBP |Open parking, Parksquare, Mkti
» 9C720299V9M |IPDVID |Max's Parking, Urdaneta, Pang.
» W861866HTHY |MBP |Virra Mall Paid Carpark
» W86363HPVWX |MBP |SM SFDO Parking
» YM53929SSZB |IPDN |Res., Pasig
» YM7051AQWL3 |IPDN |Res., Pasig
» 4H6491QPWGK |MB |FIGARO, 88Corp Ctr, Mkt
» 4H62137ZU9b |MB |STARBUCKS, Edsa Shang
» W86144DQVJ0 |MBP |PALMPODCTRL, Glorietta
» 4H6272HQVMM |MB |- -
» 4H6470TRWGM |MB |Open parking, Maginhawa, T. Vill., QC
» 4N071105ZP603 |iBK |UST MED BLDG.
» S4H5510ERSE7 |iBK |NAGA
» W862243MU2N |iMC |Res., SSS Hsng. Fairview
» 8R636R60V9M |IPDV |- -
» 4H5182CCRJ7 |PB |Carpark-Alabang
» UV4020SRPGW |iBK |Open parking (clinic), Quezon. Ave.
Originally posted on July 16, 2007 Updated on Aug 24, 2008


Joel said...

Thanks for this site! I've linked to it at Ok Ka, Pinoy!

:kvilla:ISHS1954 said...

Thank you for finding the site useful, Joel, and for linking it to your site. With much appreciation-K

Tim said...


STOLEN: Macbook Pro 2.4GHZ, 2GB RAM, 120GB HDD - SERIAL # W8732099X92
WHEN: DEC.23,2007
WHERE: Tagaytay City
REWARD: P40,000 for recovery and information leading to recovery

My sister's Macbook Pro laptop was stolen last DEC. 23 from our home in Tagaytay. Someone had taken her laptop from a table inside our house while it was charging. Charger, and case were taken as well. My sister is supposed to graduate this coming year and all her work files were in that computer. (my christmas gift to her was an external hdd for her to back up her files, but unfortunately the laptop was stolen before she could use it.) Her thesis and a lot of her design work remains inside, so the laptop's contents are more valuable to us than the actual laptop. The computer is passworded, so it is likely that the person who has it will bring it to a store or shop to have the hard disk reformatted.

Please spread the word among technicians, users, and other apple stores so that this laptop may be found soon. My sister's career depends on it. A P40,000 reward has been posted for recovery or any information that leads to definite recovery of the laptop.

Hopefully we can all still have a happy new year.

-Mark De los Reyes